Livermore National Lab Tour

The tour to Livermore National Lab is an optional tour that will take place before the official start of the conference.

Buses will leave the downtown area between 11am and 12pm on Friday, January 17 for LLNL; the trip takes approximately one hour. In order to attend the tour, students must be in Downtown Berkeley at noon on the 17th to catch the shuttle buses to the lab. Those choosing to attend the tour will be provided lunch. Attendees who won't be able to make the noon departure on Friday unless they spend Thursday night in Berkeley will have the option to do so, although accomodation may be limited so no guarantees can me made at this time. Information regarding Thursday night accomodation will be communicated to conference attendees when local registration is finalized.

Key research at LLNL includes defense and global security, sustainable energy, and precision engineering from micro- to ultrascale. The highlight of the tour will be a visit to the National Ignition Facility (NIF). NIF is a fusion research center and currently boasts the world's largest and highest energy laser. Buses will return in time for the conference registration and welcome.

Instructions for LLNL Tour Participants

All participants attending the LLNL tour should arrive at the Shattuck Hotel at 11:00am. Use the second entrance, which sits on Allston Way about 20 yards from the main entrance. A box lunch will be provided. Two buses will take participants from the Shattuck to LLNL. You will have the option to leave bags at the Shattuck for a 3$ fee or take bags on the bus for no charge. Those staying at the Shattuck Hotel or LBNL guesthouse may check into their room during or after the welcome reception.